The Archive on African Time – CalArts Symposium via Zoom

The Archive on African Time:
A Conversation about ‘African time’ as a nuanced temporality that not only creates but demands new ways of negotiating with archives

Part of a CalArts Symposium

Recorded in May this is an irreverent and freewheeling conversation about the concept of creating and responding to the idea of an archive within African contexts. Zina Saro-Wiwa is in conversation with writer Maryam Kazeem who devised and curated this section of the symposium with CalArts. The conversation covers krumping, spirit possession, corporeal knowledges, invisible archives, unco-operative and unreliable african interviewees, genital cursing and naked protest, african gin and tangles with questions such as:

Can artists create reliable archives? Must an archive be scientific and taxonomic to be of use? Is the African idea of archiving and record keeping different?  How do you extract information from people who think about time differently and don’t have an interest in sharing information scientifically or methodically? Where does memory live in Africa? How does the spirit world interfere with our conception of the African archive? Is it time to challenge the primacy of the written archive? Is oral history failing us? Record keeping and abstraction? How does a culture of embodied knowledge and corporeal intelligences need to respond to the idea of an archive? Is knowledge it’s own being?