The Invisible Man (2015) sculpture and photo series

The Invisible Man by Zina Saro-Wiwa copyThe Invisible Man is a neo-Ogoni mask created by Zina Saro-Wiwa. Inspired by the newer “Ogele style” masquerade masks that have started appearing in Ogoniland in the late 1980s, the mask is one that depicts the men that have disappeared in Zina’s life through death or through their own design. Brother, father, lovers and illusive Ogele dancers feature on the Janus-faced mask. The black and white face representing the sadness of loss, the lined pink face the anger associated with abandonment. Worn by women only.

IMG_0121 blue sky


Below: The actual mask, as displayed at Blaffer Museum in Houston (2015-2016)

(Sep 25 2015 06-45 PM)Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark II(5616x3744)

(Sep 25 2015 06-46 PM)Canon Canon EOS 5D Mark II(5616x3744)92544989 (1)