Casimir: Food from the Niger Delta

Casimir write upIn her new book ‘Did You Know We Taught Them How to Dance?‘, artist Zina Saro-Wiwa narrates an interaction between herself and Africa, laying claim to her Niger Delta homeland. She writes, “I make food to tell stories. I make food so that people receive whatever alchemy or magic happens when eating another culture’s food. To tell them something. Or perhaps it is just my way of telling myself that the land belongs to me too. That it is not worthless. That the labour of so many women is not for nothing.”

Released this month, ‘Did You Know We Taught Them How to Dance?’ is part catalogue of her first solo museum presentation of the same name, part recipe book, and part personal history of the artist who grew up in the UK. The fact that it need not be one thing is fitting for the complexity of the region it brings stories from.

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